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We Love Rewarding You

Hello There! We’re Bee’s Knees Wellness. We love rewarding people for investing in themselves with our luxurious, hemp-derived products. When you register and create an account with us, you become a valued Customer. As one of our valued Customers, we’ll reward you with points when you shop, share, have a birthday, and more. You can use these points to save on the Bee’s Knees Wellness products you love.

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How To Earn

When you become a Bee’s Knees Wellness Customer, you’ll earn points to use towards more Bee’s Knees Wellness products. The best way to earn points is to purchase Bee’s Knees Wellness products and/or share your favorite Bee’s Knees Wellness products, but there are other ways to earn rewards, as well.

Check out this chart to see all the ways to earn.

The Rewards Point System

How To Earn Amount of Points
Create a Customer Account 1,000
Refer Products to Your Friends 1,000
Birthday 500
Share a Product Review on our Website 500
Follow Bee’s Knees Wellness on Facebook 250
Follow Bee’s Knees Wellness on Instagram 250
Purchase Bee’s Knees Wellness Products 1 Point for every $1 Spent
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How To Share & Earn

When you share product referrals with your friends, you’ll earn Wellness Points that you can use towards the purchase of more Bee’s Knees Wellness products. Here’s how to share:

STEP 1: Create and/or log in to your Bee’s Knees Wellness Customer account.

STEP 2: Find the share link on your favorite products, then share it with your friends, family, and more via text, social media, or email.

STEP 3: When your friend, family member, or acquaintance purchases a product using the link you shared with them, you’ll both get rewarded the first time they purchase!

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