Self-care Daily Bundle

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A collection of hemp-derived products to use for daily self-care and wellness.

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The Bee’s Knees Wellness Self-Care Daily Bundle features three products that can be used throughout your day to help you strive and thrive. Choose from the Bee’s Knees Wellness Broad Spectrum of Full Spectrum Tincture, which we recommend you use in the morning. Follow up with the Bee’s Knees Wellness Full Spectrum Gummies in the afternoon. And finally, enjoy a Bee’s Knees Wellness D8 Gummy before going to bed at night. Together these three products may help you stay more focused, calm, relaxed, and can promote better rest at night, so you perform at your peak.


  • A collection of Bee’s Knees Wellness hemp-derived products that you can use during a 24/7 period for self-care and wellness
  • Each product is formulated with hemp-derived ingredients that may help you feel more calm, relaxed, and focused, so you can tackle your to-do lists with ease and promote better rest at night
  • Includes your choice of tincture, plus our Bee’s Knees Wellness Full Spectrum Gummies and our Bee’s Knees Wellness D8 Gummies


Start your day with your favorite Bee’s Knees Wellness Broad or Full Spectrum tincture by holding a dropper-full underneath your tongue for 60 seconds, mixing it into your morning coffee or tea, or blending it into a smoothie. Follow up in the afternoon with a Bee’s Knees Wellness Full Spectrum Gummy to remain relaxed, calm, and focused on your to-do list. Finally, enjoy a hemp-derived D8 gummy before bed to promote a better night’s sleep. For more information about taking each of these products, please visit the individual product pages.


Please see individual product pages for full list of ingredients.

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