Meet Danelle Umstead, Ski Champion, Motivational Speaker, and Bee’s Knees Wellness Brand Ambassador

“I’m head over hills for Bee’s Knees Wellness and that’s why I’m excited to share the magic with others.” – Danelle Umstead

Danielle Brand Ambassador

About Danielle

Danelle Umstead’s journey is a testament to her excellence in adaptive sports, her dedication to wellness, and her advocacy for various causes. Her incredible athletic achievements include four Paralympic appearances, where she secured three bronze medals and reached the podium an astounding 53 times in World Cup competitions. Danelle’s dominance in adaptive skiing is further underscored by her nine World Cup Globe victories, demonstrating unwavering excellence in her sport.

Beyond her athletic pursuits, Danelle captivated a global audience as a contestant on “Dancing with the Stars” during its 27th season, becoming the first-ever blind participant and showcasing her remarkable talent and resilience. As a keynote and motivational speaker, she shares her inspiring journey and life lessons with audiences worldwide.

As the President and Founder of the Sisters in Sports Foundation, she has made it her mission to empower women and girls with disabilities through the love of sports. Danelle’s commitment to making a difference goes beyond sports. Her remarkable work with the Sisters in Sports Foundation and her advocacy for causes close to her heart, including blindness and Multiple Sclerosis, has earned her prestigious awards. In 2018, she received the Visionary Award from the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and in 2019, she was honored with the Hope Award from the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Horseback Riding Mountains

Doing the Impossible Every Day

Danelle can now add wellness and brand advocate to her list of many accolades. “I believe in keeping it real and giving my wholehearted support to the products or causes I represent. It’s all about forming strong, enduring connections because, in the world of wellness and life transitions, finding that perfect alignment of values is like discovering a match made in heaven.

Bee’s Knees Wellness’s dedication to health and wellness perfectly matches my own journey. Their products have been superheroes in helping me manage my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and the challenges of early Menopause. I’ve got mad love for Bee’s Knees Wellness because they’re all about providing top-notch, natural products that have helped turbocharge my well-being during my life transitions.” Danelle is an incredible human being doing the impossible every day. We are very fortunate to have her as part of the Hive.

Horseback Riding Mountains
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