While they all come from the same plant, the Cannabis Sativa plant (more commonly known as a hemp plant), CBD and THC have a different chemical makeup, are cultivated differently, and they’re used for different things. Both CBD and THC are known as cannabinoids, which are extracted from hemp plants for various uses.

THC (also referred to as marijuana) has a psychoactive effect, which most people refer to as “getting high.” CBD, on the other hand, has many benefits and is typically non-psychoactive.

A cannabinoid is simply one of the chemical compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa (hemp) plant. CBD and THC are both cannabinoids.

Typically, the legal levels of THC in hemp-derived CBD are too low to provide a psychoactive effect or “high” feeling. Hemp-derived CBD also blocks the efficacy of THC. The legal amount of THC that CBD can contain is .3%. All Bee’s Knees products are in compliance with the legal amount.

The 2018 Farm Bill legalized CBD use, as well as the regulated production of the Cannabis Sativa plant as long as the THC concentration is below 0.3%. However, States have the final word on whether or not hemp-derived products are legalized within their jurisdiction. While most States allow hemp-derived CBD products, some States still have restrictions on their use.

All Bee’s Knees products are in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Yes. There are three different types of CBD Oil.

  • Contains all phytochemicals naturally found in the Cannabis Sativa plant, including CBD, CBG, and CBN cannabinoids, trace amounts of THC, terpenes, essential oils & fatty acids, chlorophyll, beta carotene, B complex vitamins, essential fatty acids, all 20 amino acids, and more
  • Delivers an “entourage effect,” to boost benefits
  • Non-intoxicating and not psychoactive. Legally, Full Spectrum CBD must have less than 0.3% THC
  • Contains cannabidiol (CBD) and other compounds within the hemp plant, excluding THC
  • Delivers an “entourage effect,” to boost the soothing and calming benefits
  • Non-intoxicating. THC is removed completely
  • Contains CBD only; there are no other compounds, phytochemicals, or terpenes in CBD Isolate

All mammals can benefit from hemp-derived CBD products, like oils, sprays, treats, and topicals. CBD may help relieve discomfort, feelings of anxiousness, and may have anti-inflammatory properties that help your pet. All of Bee’s Knees products for pets are THC-free.

CBD is great for most people (and pets), including athletes. As athletes are at higher risk of injury than most individuals, CBD may help them recover faster as it is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. CBD may also help relieve discomfort and pain.

Quality CBD manufacturers want to ensure that their customers know exactly what they’re buying, while simultaneously providing plenty of educational and product information. This is where third-party testing becomes important.

Bee’s Knees CBD products are subject to first and third-party testing, as well as a rigorous verification process that provides proof of purity and potency. You can find our lab results online or by scanning the QR code on the back of each label.

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