We Are Bee’s Knees Wellness

Dedicated to continually providing education and inspiration so you can Bee Your Best Self

We believe in the power of Being Your Best Self. Our mission is to educate and inspire all to be active participants in their physical, mental, and financial wellness. As such, we provide luxury, hemp-derived products, business opportunities, and education so you can sleep better, feel better, and live a better life.

Our Story

With their combined backgrounds in culinary arts, sports, business, and fitness, our Founders, Marilee and Steve Scruton, have always been invested in health and wellness–not just their own, but the wellness of others, too. After discovering the health benefits that CBD added to their own lives, Marilee and Steve decided to open two CBD retail stores in 2020. Doing so allowed them to learn a lot about the CBD industry. What they discovered was that while there was an abundance of products available from companies just looking to make a quick buck, there was a huge lack of education in the industry. This is the primary reason Bee’s Knees Wellness was founded.

“When we started Bee’s Knees Wellness, we wanted it to be more than just a CBD company, we wanted it to be a thriving community, a hive, if you will. We wanted to connect people and foster relationships, we wanted to educate people about the real-life benefits we’d experienced so they could enjoy and expand these experiences with their families, friends, and acquaintances, too.

Ultimately, we really want to make wellness a kinetic thing. When you experience the power that one of our products has to change your life physically or mentally, you want to shout it out to the entire world, so we built a business model that rewards that kind of thing.”

Bee’s Knees Wellness was, is, and always will be about educating others about CBD and inspiring people to invest in their own wellness. Whether you’re a customer who wants to find a solution for sleep, stress, or something else or a Consultant who is looking for a great business opportunity, we want people to be part of the amazing Bee’s Knees Wellness.

Our Values


We believe that no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you come from you deserve the opportunity to truly bee the best version of yourself, which is why we provide products and opportunities that help you move better, sleep better, feel better, and live better.


We believe in being curious, in learning something new every day, in continually educating ourselves, so we can share our knowledge to inspire others to improve their lives with hemp-derived goodness.


We believe in being passionate about everything we do, from making sure our products are properly formulated and vetted, to providing the right opportunities, marketing, and technology for our Consultants. We bring passion to every Bee’s Knees Wellness product and project.


We believe that sustainability makes the planet a better place to be. We create our products to be as sustainable as we possibly can, investing in natural ingredients that are grown on non-GMO farms, as well as recyclable and up-cyclable packing. Additionally, our products are cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, paraffin-free, and phthalate-free.


We believe in being hive-minded. When we connect our strengths and talents with those around us, we build a strong, smart, successful community. Unity makes our hive thrive.

Our Products

Not all CBD is created equally. Many in the industry make false claims and/or provide misleading information. That’s obviously not the Bee’s Knees approach. We take great pride in being picky about our ingredients, products, and packaging.

Our founders and the corporate team personally vet every single product we offer, because we want you to have truly exceptional experiences. Additionally, we make sure that all of our products are tested by reputable, third-party labs to prove their potency and efficacy.

We proudly provide COAs (lab reports) on each of our products. You can find them right here.

Our Opportunity

Bee’s Knees Wellness isn’t just another Direct Sales company. We are truly changing how the industry works, making it easier for people to get involved, promote wellness, and experience success.

We are not interested in a traditionally transactional way of doing business. Instead, we focus on the benefits of education and the successful outcomes that occur when people truly understand how incredible hemp-derived wellness can be. We support our Consultants with business training from industry experts, in-depth hemp education that boosts consumer confidence, digital e-comm and marketing expertise, the latest online business tools and technology, and a highly collaborative approach to build success.

When you become part of Bee’s Knees Wellness, you’re investing in the wellness of others, as well as yourself. Enroll as a Bee’s Knees Wellness Consultant today. We’d love to welcome you to the hive.

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